Our Supporters

Sometimes I look at my life and want to hug it to me in gratitude. My children are healthy. I have three sons, I’m married, I work and I volunteer at school and at my church. My life could be isolated from the heartbreak that’s all around us. But then I got involved with Tackle Cancer. Now when the phone rings it could be someone who says, “My power’s going to be cut off, can you help me?”

This all started because Elijah Alexander was my son’s little league Football coach. It was great to see such a big man helping such little children. Then he asked me to help too. I thought, why not? Here’s someone I know who’s touched by cancer, let me go see what I can do.

So I volunteered to help at the Tackle Cancer Golf Tournament. Once I got started, I was hooked. I didn’t focus on the problems, I saw that
I could make a difference right in my backyard.

I think of those families who have a child with cancer. Sometimes, a child may be in treatment for weeks at a time. A parent needs to be there. A parent wants to be there. And to make the decision of going into work or being at your child’s side is heartbreaking.

These parents can’t do it alone. So when the call comes saying, “My power’s going to be cut off, can you help me?” I’m grateful that I can answer, “Yes, I can.”

That’s what keeps me going when I’m tired and just want to take a break after work and family time. Instead I turn on the computer and see if there’s any one Tackle Cancer can help today.
There always is.

Lisa Zerbo
Board Member/Volunteer