E-Race Cancer

TCF IS PROUD TO BE PART OF THE E-RACE CANCER CAMPAIGN supporting 71 year old myeloma patient Don Wright who achieved his goal of running marathons in all 50 states.

“Here I am living with cancer, and my biggest complaint is an ordinary sports hernia!”

Don’s 50th state marathon was in Hawaii in  December 2012.

“I’m lucky-I take just a pill a day, so I am free to literally run around the country instead of being tied to a doctors’ office, a clinic or a hospital. And I feel great! ”

Don’s cancer, multiple myeloma, is the same blood cancer that TCF founder Elijah Alexander had. The two met at an international medical conference in New Orleans in 2009, and realized they shared a cause. Don, who lives in the Minneapolis area, is running under his “E-Race Cancer” banner on behalf of the Tackle Cancer Foundation honoring Elijah’s memory.

At another conference in San Diego in 2011, Don was joined by TCF supporter Patrick Crayton, wide receiver with the San Diego Chargers, who gave the starting signal for a demonstration run led by Don.
“I’m running with cancer, not from cancer-because living with myeloma is a marathon, not a sprint!” says Don.
Check out E-Race Cancer on Facebook and follow the campaign on Twitter at  twitter.com/eRaceCancer.